How to Choose Your Domain Name in 9 Steps

Your Domain Name Should be Easier to Pronounce

You probably want your visitors to come to your site  again,  but what if your domain name is hard to recall. You won’t be searchable; one tip to make your domain name easy to remember is to make your domain easier to pronounce.

Keep Your Domain Name Short

A short domain is easy to recall and pronounce, easier to pronounce, and easier to promote a temporary part. If your domain name is short, word-of-mouth marketing will quickly promote it.

Add Keywords to Your Domain

As we already mentioned, using a keyword in your domain name is good. 

Target Your Area

Competing with millions of websites on the internet is hard, but in that situation, local SEO will help you. Local SEO will cut the competition for you and show your website at 1st ranking.

Avoid – Numbers, Hyphens, and Plurals in Domain Name

We will not recommend picking a domain name with numbers, hyphens, or plurals. Because it will make users finding your domain to be complicated. When your friend asks, what’s your website name?, you spell it as (30 minutes pizza dot com), but your friend will be typing,

Keep Your Domain Name Memorable

Make sure that your domain name is memorable. Don’t choose a domain with too many letters, as we already mentioned. Similarly, try to choose a domain name with words. Don’t choose anything like – We can never remember the name of such kinds of websites, and obviously, we will look for an alternate site.

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