19 Best Blogging apps for Your Smartphone


WordPress is one of the best mobile apps for bloggers.  You can quickly write, edit, and publish new posts on the blog. With WordPress, you can monitor site statistics, visitor behaviors, and site usage, promptly create a new post, edit existing ones, and upload media. You can manage your blog and reply to comments.  It is best for people who do not want to rely on computers and prefer to operate their websites through their mobiles/tabs.

If you are a mini content creator, you can manage your various social networking sites with the help of HootSuite.  You have full access to your accounts, where you can control when and how you share your content. In addition, you can create and schedule your publications on various websites over different periods. Keep track of your messages, likes, and comments, and monitor and track statistics whether you are at home.

Tumblr makes blogging a pleasant experience. Also, Tumblr is where you can express yourself, discover yourself, and even bond over the stuff you love. Whether it is fandoms or philosophy, you can connect with people with the same interests as you on Tumblr. Post photos, videos, audio, links, quotes, or articles; you have plenty to discover. Make your own GIFs if you want, and cover them in stickers and text as you like.

As Blogger was developed by Google, it has made the sign-up process much more manageable. You do not have to create a unique username and password anymore. Instead, you need your Google credentials, and you can log in and start blogging. The Blogger app has many features to publish new posts earlier and add pictures to your blog entries and labels. If you want to, you can add a location to each post.

Evernote is another great blogging app available for Android and iOS platforms. With Evernote, you can create handwritten notes, write notes in a clean and distraction-free workspace, collect web articles, and open notes from any device. Along with these, other premium features are also available that you can purchase.

BlogTouch is a powerful and easy-to-use blog editor for all WordPress bloggers. This application performs all functions to manage many blogs on your device. With these functions, you can edit and remove any posts, page, and comment the same way you control everything in your WP dashboard.

Squarespace is not a very popular app, but it is a web-building platform that allows users to craft beautiful and elegant websites for free. This app will give you complete access to edit and manage your Squarespace content from multiple accounts. Create and edit your posts using the company’s layout engine. It has features to allow you to format text, add photos, and create links even while you are busy. You can also keep track of the comment section and reply to your readers quickly

Once you have started a site, you need to check how many visitors you had the last day, which pages are performing well, and which ones perform poorly. Unfortunately, by default, there is no way to track it. But with Google Analytics, we can track our websites in a better way.

As a blogger, we need to manage images, documents, and ZIP files and share them with our website visitors. There are several cloud storage services available for keeping files. But the best one in the market is Google Drive. The Drive is freemium cloud storage offered by Google. You do not need to create an extra account to use Google Drive. Once you have created a Gmail account, you can use it to access Drive. In the free plan, you will get 15 GB of storage.

While writing a blog or running a freelance agency, you must send/ receive payments from various clients. For example, you can use the PayPal app to complete the purchase if you need to buy a domain name. As a result, most domain and web hosting companies got the PayPal checkout process.

For some countries, PayPal won’t work. In that case, Payoneer is a good alternative. Payoneer is another service used for sending and receiving money. It can be used for local transactions and international transactions. Once you have created a Payoneer account and linked your local bank account.

Slack will be the best choice if you are looking for a professional app for managing your group chats. This is because so many apps are available for managing groups and collaborations. Some basic ones are WhatsApp, Messenger group, Telegram group, and so on. But none of them supports integrations with third-party apps and services. But on the other hand, Slack got hundreds of integration opportunities. So, you can improve your productivity using Slack.

When working with multiple people and multiple tasks, it is better to use a task management system. Here at BlogHeist, we are using Asana to make our tasks simple. You can use the free version plan for better project management. Once you have created an account, you can invite your team members to the board and collaborate.

You must work with many writing tools as a freelance writer. Google Docs is one of the best, most famous, and easy-to-use tools for writing content from the list. If you need a distraction-free writing experience, try his one.  Writing content using the WordPress editor is not recommended. When we use the Google Chrome browser or any other browser, Facebook and other social media sites are a click away. As a result, you can easily get distracted. But by using Google Docs, you can concentrate on your work.

To manage your Facebook page efficiently, you need to consider downloading this Facebook page manager app on your mobile device. It is one of the finest apps for Facebook page management, and you will get some advanced tools.

As bloggers or writers, we need to handle so many passwords. It can be the domain registrar password, web hosting password, CDN password, VPN password, or even social media account passwords like Facebook or Twitter. By default, Google Chrome got an inbuilt function for saving passwords. But if you are looking for a dedicated password manager for your daily needs, check out LastPass.  It is a freemium password manager service for bloggers, professionals, and businesses. You can use this service to handle your passwords. The good thing is that we can store unlimited passwords even on the free version plan.

No one likes to write content with grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Even if you are a PRO in English, you need to rely on a spell-check tool for error-free writing. Grammarly is the only tool you need for testing your content for mistakes in our experience with content writing and marketing.

For designing your company logo, vectors, and featured images, you can use the Canva app. Canva is a freemium design tool with a ton of features. However, it is easy to use, and you can get started within minutes. Once you have created an account, log in to the dashboard. You can create your custom designs from there. There are several free vectors available that are ready to use. Canva is an excellent fit for every blogger and social media marketer.

Trello is a service like Asana. It will help with task organization. Trello is a freemium tool too. You have enough features in the free plan to manage your tasks efficiently. For example, you can use this app to prepare your upcoming blog posts. After creating a Trello account, invite your authors.

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