A little about me

I figured that for my first post I should actually talk about myself and why I started this blog.

First of all, the name. I’ve always loved food, but I never really examined why I loved food until the first time I tried a crème brûlée. It happened about 7 or 8 years ago, on a sunny summer day. I was eagerly sampling the offerings at A Taste of Edmonton when I decided to try this dessert I had heard about but had never had the opportunity to try before. My first crème brûlée was a strawberry flavoured one that came with half of a strawberry on top. The crunchy top and the delicate, creamy flavour wowed me.

My food discovery would be followed by another crème brûlée – a lemongrass one bought at the Hyatt in Calgary. Then came the desire to seek out other unfamilar foods like raw oysters, bison and smelly cheeses.

In the past couple of years my food adventures have expanded to learning how to cook. I’ve always been fond of baking (probably because my mother didn’t bake often and I filled the gap), but I never really found a passion for cooking until recently. Now I want to talk about food all the time. I read cookbooks and cooking blogs. I’ve bought a slow cooker and a microplane zester. I’m a foodie, and this is my journey.

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