Trying new foods

I’m always open to trying new things. I think it’s a hazard of growing up and eating stuff like chicken feet, shredded cold jellyfish, Jello-like squares of pig’s blood, duck tounges, etc. Not that I ate stuff like that every day, but I’ve never found it unsual to try something and find out later what it really was.

So when I was offered some Grapple at a relative’s house, I was intrigued and happy to try a piece. At first I thought they were apples crossed with grapes, but from their website it seems that they’re actual Fuji apples with grape flavouring added to them. There’s a good pic here:

The flesh and skin looks like they come from a regular apple, but you get an immediate scent of grape as soon as you open the packaging. And the taste. Well. I have to say I didn’t enjoy them at all. They reminded me of grape flavoured cough medicine, just without the medicine taste. Grapples definitely reminds you of grapes, but they taste somewhat artifical to me even though their site says the taste comes from grape juice. Frankly, I’d rather just eat a regular apple and drink some grape juice, or eat grapes. Grapples aren’t worth the significantly higher price tag.

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