On cooking with the Internet and cookbooks

Everyone who knows me, knows about the love affair I have with books. They’re scattered all over my house and I’m ecstatic when I receive a bookstore gift card. I even used to work in a bookstore a long, long time ago. So when I started cooking, I also started to buy cookbooks. I’ve bought items like a couple of the Moosewood books, a Chinese cookbook, a Jamie Oliver cookbook, one-pot dishes books, slow cooker books, vegetarian books… the list goes on. I’ve got a nice little collection now – enough books to last me at least a few years if I cooked one recipe per day. But do I use any of them? Not really.

I’m not sure if this is a result of working and reading on the Internet a lot, but I’ve found that 99% of the new recipes I’ve tried have come from blogs, e-mails, or Google searches. I’ve made recipes from some of the blogs that I’ve listed in my blogroll. I’ve made some from the US and Canadian Food Network websites, from Epicurious, and from Cooks.com. I’ve even bookmarked items from Cooking for Engineers, a great step-by-step site. I started to notice my bookmarked favourites getting bigger and bigger, so to help me organize all my online recipes I created a folder in my searchable e-mail account titled Recipes and started e-mailing myself items that I find on the Internet. I have 47 e-mails in there, some of which have multiple recipes within them. Who needs cookbooks when you can open up your laptop and cook from there? Be careful of spillage on the keys though – that’s even harder to clean (and more expensive to fix) than sauce marks on your cookbook.

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