Mmm… ramen

Saw this trailer today and couldn’t stop thinking about ramen.

And no, this isn’t the freeze dried Mr. Noodles stuff that I’m talking about. Proper ramen is filled with rich stock, fresh veggies, and tender meat. I wish there was somewhere here that made it, but the only place I’ve had it was at this tiny little shop in Banff called Chaya. Eating real ramen was a revelation after only having ever had the freeze dried stuff (albeit they were the better tasting Chinese, Japanese and Korean kinds).

I’ve heard there are some ramen shops in Calgary, so next time I’m over there I may have to hunt some down. And Vancouver has tonnes. Other than a change of planes in the airport on my way to and back from Hong Kong, I haven’t been to Vancouver since 2005. I need a Vancouver foodie trip. 😦

Edited to add: I just realized that Mr. Noodles is a Canadian brand and that no one else might know what I’m talking about! Think Lipton instant soup mixed with instant noodles. I found a photo too.

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