Kaya toast

Kaya is one of the few Malaysian foods that I had quite often when I was young. I remember it being incredibly sweet and as a result hadn’t eaten it in years, but a few months before my Malaysia trip I had a craving for some kaya and picked up a jar from a local Asian grocery store. Kaya is basically a creamy coconut jam, and surprisingly enough it doesn’t seem as sweet as I remember. It still packs a punch though, so I found that a little goes a long way. You can eat it on crackers, but in my opinion the best way is on toast, like any other regular jam.

Kaya toast
For best results, spread a thin layer of kaya on slices of bread, and toast in a broiler. This warms up the kaya as well as makes the bread crispy. Or alternately, toast the bread in a toaster and add the kaya afterwards.

Like any jam, you can of course make kaya yourself. Or be lazy like me and buy it from the store.

Ok, I know this isn’t much of a recipe. I was originally going to just do a post about kaya only, but when I saw the 15 minute recipe contest on Steamy Kitchen, I couldn’t resist.

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