My blog avatar

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but at some point last week (or maybe the week before that) I finally uploaded a photo for this blog’s avatar.

Arent I cute?

Aren't I weird, but also cute?

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is panda corn standing there next to a piece of bamboo (although a friend of mine insists it’s Snoopy).
The photo was taken at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, just outside their panda zoo exhibit. There is this strange obsession with corn in Asia, and it’s usually paired with desserts. In a shopping mall in Malaysia, I actually found a shop that sold ice cream and freshly steamed corn niblets side by side. (Too bad I didn’t think to take a photo of it at the time.)
And then there is this corn panda. There was actually a whole row of them along a wall, and each one had a different pose. It was just too funny and strange that I felt compelled to take numerous photos so that I could inflict them on my family and friends.

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