London, Ontario to ban bottled water

London, Ont., to ban bottled water on city premises despite beverage industry protests

I have mixed feelings about this. At home, I grew up drinking pre-boiled water because my mother never trusted the safety claims of the tap water. As a teenager, I got fed up with having to boil water everytime I wanted a drink, and finally convinced my mother that using a Brita filter was equal if not better to boiling water, unless there was a boil water warning from the city. At work we have a water cooler that I use to fill up my reusable water bottle, mostly because I prefer the filtered taste to straight tap water.

I generally do not buy bottled water as my cheap soul feels it is a rip off. But when travelling, bottled water can be a great thing. You don’t always know what the water quality is in a different city or country. And you’re not used to whatever enzymes might be in their water. It’s a slow process to boil and cool water in your hotel room so that you can put it in your reusable bottle without melting the plastic.

And while I applaud London’s attempt to save plastic, I think the beverage companies do have a point. People will go for the easy solution and buy pop, or even worse energy drinks, instead. I hope London has some sort of plan to put water fountains everywhere.

What I really liked about this article was that it said Dasani water is taken from Brampton’s tap water. Now that’s hilarious. Especially since a friend of mine insisted on going to the store so that he could buy a bottle of Dasani because it “tastes better.” I made sure to e-mail him the link to that article. 😉

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