BBQs and cucumbers

Last night I was at my Dad’s place and helped him get the food ready for a BBQ dinner: pork chops, smokies, and vegetable skewers.

He insisted that I add cucumbers to the skewers along with the green peppers, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. My response was to screw up my face and say, “You don’t put cucumbers on the BBQ!”

Don’t get me wrong; I love cucumbers. They’re great in salads, in dips, or pickled. I’ll eat them plain or sprinkled with a touch of salt anytime. But BBQ? I knew this wouldn’t end well.

The rest of the veggies turned out great. The cucumbers were warm and bitter. My sister took one bite and it looked like she wanted to throw up. I managed to choke it down but I wasn’t happy about it. Next time, if he wants BBQ’ed cucumber Dad can have it all to himself.

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