Fatburger, Edmonton

One of the problems (and sometimes a benefit) of living somewhere that is not one of the bigger cities (Vancouver, Toronto, New York, etc.) is that you don’t always get local locations of big chain stores or restaurants.

I heard about Fatburger a few years ago when doing some research for a trip to Las Vegas, but didn’t have enough time to make it one of my stops at the time. So when I heard that the first Fatburger here had opened back in December, I put it on my “to-do” list.

The line up was long, even though it was a weekday and the location is at the edge of the city (next to Ikea), far from the tradional lunch time office crowds.

The place is designed to look like a retro 1950s burger joint, complete with a jukebox. All beef burgers are made with AAA Alberta beef, and everything looked like it was cooked to order.

Fatburger lemonade

Fatburger lemonade

The lemonade was from a fountain, but the restaurant provided lemon on the side to add additional flavour.

Fatburger meal

Fatburger meal

The homemade onion rings were delish. A nice crunch and good batter made eating them an enjoyable experience.

I ordered my Fatburger (1/3 lb) with cheese and a fried egg (on the right side in the photo). The egg was something I had heard about while doing my research, and I was curious to see how it could add to the experience. The burger was meaty and juicy, and was loaded with lettuce and tomato. I think next time I wouldn’t bother with the egg; with one bite I’d taste meat, and another taste the egg would dominate, but the two flavours never effectively blended together.

My dining companion tried a Veggieburger (on the left side in the photo), but you couldn’t taste any flavour in the patty as the dominating taste came from the lettuce, tomato and sauce.

I’d definitely go back there for more. Hopefully, the franchise will do well here and stick around for a long time to come.

1755 102 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 469-8180

2 thoughts on “Fatburger, Edmonton

  1. I’ve only had fried egg on a burger once and I really liked it. Of course, it was a $16 burger with foie gras butter, as well. So, I had to love it. I never really thought of an egg on a burger before that. Seems like a 1/3 pound burger is plenty!

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