Crave, Calgary

During my summer trip to Calgary, I finally got to try a cupcake from Crave. I’ve sampled cupcakes from Whimsical in Edmonton before, and while they are good, I find that the buttercream is too rich for my taste and the cupcake is a little too dense. Crave, on the other hand, has a reputation of having some of the best cupcakes around.

Crave storefront

Crave storefront at their 17th Ave location

We got there a little late, however, and they were sold out of a few flavours already. I settled on a chocolate dirt cupcake (complete with a gummy worm, can’t remember the exact name), and my friend had a chocolate A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts cupcake.

cupcakes from Crave

cupcakes from Crave

My cupcake was very chocolate-y and light, the frosting was light and airy, and I gobbled mine up in seconds. The “dirt” came from fine cookie crumbs and added a nice bit of crunch. It was probably the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten. I should have bought more.

#120, 815-17th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
Also, other locations in Calgary.

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