My first food photo

My photography post from a couple of days ago made me remember that I haven’t talked at all about the photo banner at the top of my web page. Other than the occasional birthday cake photo, this picture of sushi was my first attempt at food styling and was taken about six or seven years ago on my very first digital point and shoot camera. Horrible, I know. But it has sentimental value to me.

Along with being my first food photo, it was also my first attempt at making california rolls. By the time I had finished with the rolling (and eating), it was starting to get dark outside. I stuck white rice on a white plate, and put the plate on a piece ofwhite cardboard (and probably completely screwed up the white balance as a result). I took a bunch of shots with my flash, but they all looked ghastly white or oddly yellow. I tried playing around with the flash and various scene settings. I think I even tried doing some primitive lighting technique with a handy lamp. None of those worked very well, and the best shot out of all of them happened when the flash was turned off. It’s too dark and the colours are a bit off. Still, I think I didn’t do too badly considering that I had never done this kind of photography before and at that point had never heard of apeture or white balance.

2 thoughts on “My first food photo

  1. That’s interesting because I have a friend who is a photographer. (check out And I wrote to him to ask what I needed to photograph food. He said, a tripod, a lamp and a white board, no flash. I still haven’t quite gotten it down. But, I liked his simple advice since his photography is anything but simple!

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