Fun Friday – a Halloween special

Happy Halloween!

A few years ago, my workplace had a Halloween potluck and I signed up to bring a dessert. In my opinion, one of the easiet Halloween desserts you can do is make spider web cupcakes. They look impressive, but are fairly easy to complete.

Basically you take cupcakes (use your favourite recipe or a boxed mix), one colour of frosting, and another colour of icing sugar. After you frost all the cupcakes, take the icing sugar and draw 2-3 concentric circles on the cupcake, starting from the middle to the outer rim of the cupcake. Then take a toothpick and starting from the middle of the cupcake, draw a straight line to the outer edge of the cupcake. Continue to do this all around the cupcake. The line will drag the icing into a web shape (you’ll see the web after drawing all the lines). Then all I did was take some plastic mini spider rings, cut off the ring portion, and place a spider in the middle of the web.

I did take photos, but it was so long ago that I can’t remember where I put the pictures! Luckily I found another site that did something similar:

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