Boston Pizza – various locations

So last night I ate at Boston Pizza, a national “restaurant and sports bar” chain. This was a decision made more out of convenience than desire, and was decided upon as the lesser of two evils (the other option being the McDonald’s next door).

If I ever end up there I usually stick to items that I know are relatively decent, like the nachos, Boston Royal pizza or chicken quesadillas.

Instead, last night I tried one of the “designer pizzas” that they have been heavily advertising on television. The Cajun Shrimp. Not really an accurate description as the cajun taste was missing and the shrimp was barely present. There was way too much feta cheese, which made the whole pizza salty. And the advertised cilantro was a small sprinkle for decoration, not an actual flavour component. I didn’t bother to take a photo as the pizza generally looked like baked feta. Not trying that one again.

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