Fun Friday

A mother’s review of her toddler’s pretend restaurant

Today’s link made me nostalgic for the times when i played Iron Chef with my siblings. I’m quite a bit older than they are, and so when it came to play time they often looked to me to keep them entertained because I “always came up with the best games.”

My sister was obsessed with play cash registers and plastic play food. And watched the original Iron Chef on TV all the time. (This was prior to the launch of Iron Chef America.) So logically, I took those ideas and we did our own versions of living room Iron Chef, as well as ran our own restaurants, complete with fake money, upside down cardboard box tables for the customers (the coffee table was reserved for exclusive use by the fake kitchen), a written menu, receipts, and plastic toy cutlery. I’ve lost count of the number of fake teas and coffees I drank, or the number of times I used a tiny plastic knife to “cut” a plastic raspberry. Our brothers pretended to only play along because there wasn’t anything else better to do, but I know they had fun too.

Even though they’re all older now and are more interested in Facebook and MSN than playing games, every once in a while my sister will say, “Hey remember when we used to play Iron Chef? That was the best!”

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