Childhood secrets

What horrible things did you eat when you were a child? Bugs? Dirt?

I had two things that I did wrong. One was a brief flirtation with clean scraps of the white paper with blue lines. I tried it because I once saw someone else do it and decided that I wanted to test it out as well. Boy kids are stupid.

My other bad, bad thing was my obsession with Kraft cheese Singles. I used to toddle over to the fridge and steal them from the cheese section in the refrigerator door. I’d even get up in the morning to watch my Saturday cartoons with a bit of processed sliced goodness. My mother would often find empty cheese wrappers by the television. I did this so often that I manged to break one of the hinges on the cheese door. For years until we got a new fridge, I would be reminded of my cheesy thefts.

And the really bad thing? I still love the crappy taste of Kraft singles. I know it’s not as good as an aged cheddar or a lovely bit of brie, but I can’t help myself. Sometimes, only a Kraft Single will do.

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