New toy

Guess what I bought on the weekend at 50% off the regular price?

Le Creuset 5.5 qt French/Dutch oven

Le Creuset 5.5 qt enameled cast iron French/Dutch oven (photo from Le Creuset)

I don’t like spending that much money on a pot, but it was a deal that was too good to resist. Apparently, according to comments in other blogs, they’re factory seconds but I couldn’t see any scratches or chips. This thing is supposed to last forever, so the money should be worth it.

7 thoughts on “New toy

  1. Homesense, on Calgary Trail. 🙂
    I swear, that place is a treasure trove of cooking gadgets. Last year I picked up a Microplane rasp for $12 at one of their other locations!

  2. raidar says:

    I love the LC finds in town here. I just need to commit one day and buy a few pieces. In all my time looking at these “seconds”, I’ve never come across a piece that looked that bad or would cause any issue. So the questions is; what are you going to break it in with – some no knead bread? gumbo? braised short ribs?

  3. raidar says:

    I say go for the bread. I make a loaf every couple of days, and it’s always a great treat. I wouldn’t worry too much about the lid; it seems like there isn’t an issue over at Steamy Kitchen where she mentioned;

    “I use my Le Creuset emameled cast-iron. Yes, my cover has a thick plastic knob – but I did call Le Creuset’s customer service and they said while their literature says safe to 400F, it is still fine at 450F. Now, I don’t know whether the gal who talked with me really had the authority to tell me such a thing….but after over 30 loaves, my pot is still unblemished.”

    To the smell of bread!

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