Chinese New Year – part 1

Chinese New Year food

Chinese New Year food

Tonight is Chinese New Year eve, and I went to a family dinner. Managed to take a quick shot of some of the food that was eaten this evening. Missing from the photo was roasted duck, a dish of whole steamed fish, a dish of stir-fried shrimp and sugar snap peas, a dish of stewed lotus root and pork, and soup similar to shark’s fin soup but using pollock as a substitute for the shark’s fin.

Pictured from the top left, counter clockwise:

  • poached chicken (broth was used to make the soup)
  • sesame balls and deep fried pork balls
  • spring rolls
  • homemade deep fried shrimp and fish balls

Oh my poor, poor diet!

Next, the food I’m making for dinner #2.

3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year – part 1

  1. raidar says:

    Oh sesame balls. The Pringles “once you pop, you can’t stop” plays in my head every time I get these delicious goodies. Sometimes I end up buying way more than I should from Garden Bakery, because I know I will be eating them on the drive home.

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