Mayfield Dinner Theatre, Edmonton

For Christmas, my sister and I were given a couple of tickets to the Mayfield Dinner Theatre`s current musical, Peace, Love & Rock N Roll 2: And the Beat Goes On!

The Mayfield Dinner Theatre serves their food via a large buffet. Coffee, tea, and water is included, while alcohol, pop, etc. can be had for a small fee. The buffet is open for two hours, then closes just before the show begins. A good strategy is to eat most of your food during those two hours, then grab a loaded plate of fruit, cheese and dessert to nibble on throughout the show.

My piled buffet plate, mostly filled with vegetables thanks to my diet.

My piled buffet plate, mostly filled with vegetables thanks to my diet.

The food selection there is quite varied. There are a number of salads, various buns, cocktail shrimp, smoked salmon, deli meats, cheese plates, roast beef, a chicken dish, a fish dish, cooked vegetables, etc. There were even bison short ribs available on the evening that we were there. There are a number of fresh cut fruits and desserts (cheesecake, trifle, bread pudding, etc.) as well; these tend to disappear quickly so it’s best to grab them at least 45 minutes before the show begins.

While the food isn’t so spectacular that I would rave about it to everyone I met, I have to say that I am usually impressed by the range of food they have, and am glad that the quality of food is decent. Buffet food can sometimes be very bad, or at minimum hit and miss, but over the years I have found the food at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre to be consistent in quality and flavours.

And the show wasn’t half bad either. A 60s music revue, it is playing until February 15th. There will be a sequel next year as well – this time playing music from the 70s.

Mayfield Dinner Theatre
16615 – 109 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta

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