What to do with kale, swiss chard, and spinach

During Tuesday’s lunch break I surfed through food blogs and thought I’d point out this post from 101 Cookbooks. Similar to the sautéed spinach recipe I talked about previously, this one gives instructions on also sautéing kale and swiss chard. Tuesday was grocery discount day and I was almost out of vegetables. I’ve never tried swiss chard before, so I was hoping to find some fresh stuff to try. Instead I found some beautiful kale, so this will become my second attempt at cooking kale.

I only have half a bulb of garlic left too, and forgot to buy more. I really must remember to add that to my grocery list next time.

Update: Sautéed the kale tonight and it was very, very good. Similar to the spinach, but a bit crunchier. The kale turned a brilliant green while frying in the pan. Beautiful.

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