Food economics

Are your grocery bills rising? I know mine are, but that’s also partially because I’m eating a lot more vegetables and fruits now and they’re &^%#@ expensive.

Loblaws had a huge jump in profits, and yet when I’m in Superstore I still can’t find items in stock and their quality of produce still sucks.

Tim Hortons’ profits dropped, due to closures in the U.S. They must have been pretty big losses if the profits from the Canadian locations couldn’t prop up the numbers.

According to the Health and Stroke Foundation, Disparity in food prices across the country are forcing some Canadians to forgot healthy food choices.

In Canada, “(g)roceries cost 7.3 per cent more in January than a year ago, with the upward pressure coming mainly from bakery and cereal products and fresh vegetables.”

And if food prices are bad here, can you imagine how they are affecting people around the world in places like India, Sudan, Haiti, etc.?

One thought on “Food economics

  1. Unfortunately the day only has 24 hours. I would love to have time to garden, grow more what we eat, etc.
    Reality however is Superstore and all it’s shortcomings.

    In terms of third world, yes they have been affected very much so. But they also are much better at make do than we will ever be.

    Sometimes it is our lifestyles that needs to change and not many are prepared to forego what we have grown accustomed to?

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