Food photos and copyrights

This is an issue that won’t go away anytime soon.

Bee from Rasa Malaysia has been posting a lot about it lately, mostly because along with the usual bloggers stealing images, media outlets, e-commerce sites, chefs and restaurants have also been stealing her photos to use in promotion of their own food.

An open letter to those who steal

Chef Al Rosas likes to steal bloggers’ photos and sends back a rather insulting reply

The really stupid thing is, in cases where a media outlet or even maybe another blog wants to use a photo, if they ask permission I bet the majority of bloggers would allow one-time usage with little or even no payment.

I have been adding the blog address on all my photos, even though mine aren’t as nice as Bee’s pictures. Now I’m wondering if I should also be adding that © symbol as well, especially for some of my better photos.

5 thoughts on “Food photos and copyrights

  1. nanu says:

    It totally sucks when others take your photos and use them without permission. However, I feel that whatever is posted on the Internet is sure to be used in some form or another, and the thieves are banking on the fact that the owners will never find out or do anything about it.

    I am a photographer and am especially careful as to what I post online. I always resize my photos and usually put a watermark on the image. Unfortunately in Canada, we photographers do not have our works protected in the same way as those in other countries, like the US. But if others are using your images, I would confront the person using the image and give them one of three options: to remove your photo, credit your image appropriately or bill them for its use.

    As for watermarks and adding © to your images, realize that depending on where you place your watermark, it could easily be Photoshopped or cropped out. I know it takes away from your image but putting a stamp across your work is going to deter others from using it.

    Another local blog that I read had her images used by a photographer, who claimed them as their own work!! Unbelievable!!

  2. nau says:

    It is primarily in regards to photos that are taken by assignment/freelance photographers. The current copyright states that any person or company that hires a photographer will automatically own copyright to the photographs.

    This means that if I take a photo for a magazine, the magazine owns the image and can use and sell the image as they please but the photographer cannot do the same.

    It also means that if a couple hires a photographer to take pictures at their wedding, the couple owns the copyright and not the photographer.

    This is only avoided by stating otherwise in the contract, which is what most photographers do.

    There is more information at this link, that is not as boring as reading through the whole act:

    Any photos that you take on your own though belong to you but most photographers provide a service for others, which is why we are fighting to have the copyright changed.

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