Kimchi scrambled eggs

What to do with kimchi (a.k.a. kimchee) when you don’t want to eat it straight?

There’s soups, and fried rice, and Korean pancakes… but I am lazy and instead I made kimchi scrambled eggs. If  you don’t like eating things that are too vinegary or too spicy, this might be an ideal way for you to be able to eat kimchi as the eggs mellow out the taste.

Kimchi scrambled eggs

Kimchi scrambled eggs

Kimchi scrambled eggs
Makes one serving.

2 eggs
1 tsp milk or soy milk
1/2 cup kimchi – drained
1 tsp canola oil or butter for frying

Heat your pan at just over medium temperature, and lubricate with the oil or butter.

While the pan is heating, crack eggs into a bowl and add milk. Whisk until combined. Add the kimchi to the egg mixture in order to coat all of the kimchi. The kimchi should be drained of liquid so that your scrambled eggs are not watery.

Pop everything into the pan and fry. For specific instructions on how to make perfect scrambled eggs, see Mr Breakfast’s post.

Variations – Add green onions, bell peppers, sausage, ham, shrimp, etc. To make an omelette instead, dice the kimchi in order to make the ingredients easier to handle, and add it to the partially cooked egg instead of mixing it before cooking.

5 thoughts on “Kimchi scrambled eggs

  1. Interesting you brought up the use of eggs to mellow out the heat of many kimchi-based dishes. I find that many people add one to Korean hot pot dishes (jjigae) when they find things a bit spicy. This use though, is one I’d never seen before. You should try a kimchi fried rice, its also quite tasty and another filling use of kimchi with other ingredients. 🙂

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