Top Chef – methinks she doth protest too much

So the claws are coming out after the Top Chef finale aired.

Casey wrote this oh so polite e-mail. Make sure to skim the comments to see fans arguing back and forth, someone quoting Carla’s graceful comments, and one of Casey’s friends trying to come to Casey’s defence. And apparently on Casey’s website she’s saying that the magazine reporter did not identify themselves as looking for a quote for publication.

Come on. You know this person is a writer. You should know there is no such thing as “off the record.” You should know e-mails, Facebook posts, etc. can live on FOREVER in today’s 24/7 Internet day and age. At very least, you should have immediately posted an apology for your words – words that probably should not have been written to your best friend, let alone an “acquaintance” as you claim the reporter to be.

More fan arguing can also be found at Chowhound, among other places.

Meow indeed.

Updated to add: The web site that posted the quote is defending themselves against her accusations.

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