Milk tea

Milk tea

Milk tea

I have a tonne of photos from a trip that I took to Malaysia and Hong Kong last spring, and I’ve finally gone through them all and pulled out all the food-related ones. Enjoy!

I’ve spoken about my small obession with milk tea before. It was my trip to Malaysia that started the obession. The first photo is from a kopitiam, (a kind of coffee shop/hawker cafe), from my first breakfast in Malaysia. (Ignore the tissues – they were actually used to wipe up water on the table.)

The second photo is the Malaysian version of take-out. Yes, that is a plastic bag with a straw stuck inside. They seem to put everything into bags. Soup, drinks… even McDonald’s drinks are put into cups and then put into plastic bags. Everytime I was given food in a bag I had to think of the poor environment. At the same time though, I’m sure the bags are better than styrofoam containers.

Updated to add: Forgot to note that to order milk tea when in a kopitiam, you say “teh” (pronounced “tay”) for milk and sugar tea, “teh-o” for tea with sugar only, and “teh-bing” or “teh-o bing” on there for an iced drink. I didn’t pick up much Malay, but I know enough to be able to order my favourite drink!

Milk tea to go

Milk tea to go

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