Curry mee – Langkawi and Penang, Malaysia

Curry mee is a curry and coconut milk noodle soup. In many parts of Malaysia and in Singapore, it is known as laksa or curry laksa. In Penang, it is known as curry mee as laksa in Penang refers to assam laksa, a very differently flavoured dish. (More about that to come in a different post.)

I had curry mee twice during my trip. The first was at a small place in Langkawi, an island in Malaysia that is popular for its beach resorts. I don’t remember the name of the place but it was like a mini-cafeteria in a strip-mall near Underwater World, and sold a variety of Malaysian and western foods. The burgers apparently sucked somewhat and the Hainanese chicken rice was so-so. I had curry mee and Ribena, a blackcurrent drink popular in parts of Asia and in the United Kingdom. The curry mee wasn’t bad. Decent spicing, vegetables weren’t too soggy… I just wish there had been more of them and a little less noodles. This photo is also the current image header for this blog, which I wrote about earlier. And yes, I was mocked by my father for buying Ribena (adults usually see this as a kid’s drink). And then I was laughed at for taking a photo of it. But hey, I like the taste and it has vitamin C.

Curry mee and Ribena - Langkawi

Curry mee and Ribena - Langkawi

My second curry mee was from New World Park, a newish hawker centre. Laid out like western food court and complete with washrooms, the place is covered with a solid roof and has open sides, kind of like sitting on a giant covered patio. For those who are afraid to eat at street-side hawker stalls, this is a good alternative. Prices may be a bit higher here but are still quite cheap by western standards. For instance, my curry mee, base cost of 3 Malaysian Ringgits, comes to about $1.05 Canadian at today’s exchange rate. This place apparently had shopping there too but we were just there for the food.

The stall I went to specialized in curry mee. You had a choice of a number of add-ons to your noodle soup (see photo). The “cocker” actually refers to “cockles,” a clam-like mollusk.

Curry mee hawker - New World Park, Georgetown, Penang

Curry mee hawker - New World Park, Georgetown, Penang

My bowl had a little bit of everything. This, according to my father, was the most authentic curry mee he had seen so far during our trip (authentic as in what he remembered eating when he was a kid vs. what we found at the majority of the hawker stalls). Yes, I even had the pig’s blood. If you’ve eaten blood sausage or black pudding, you’ll know what the taste is similar to. Pig’s blood is generally served heated and in jello-sized cubes, with a texture similar to tofu. It’s something that I rarely eat, but I have had pig’s blood a number of times in Canadian restaurants while growing up and I actually like the taste. I took advantage of Flickr’s ability to label parts of  your photos, so if you’re curious as to what is what, click on the photo for more detail.

Curry mee - New World Park, Georgetown, Penang

Curry mee - New World Park, Georgetown, Penang

This curry mee was pretty good. The star of the dish was the soup and the add-ons, as opposed to the noodles. It also had plenty of spice. Good food, for a good price.

New World Park
102 Jalan Burma,
10050 Georgetown, Penang
Found some additional photos of New World Park at

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