Baked portobello mushrooms

I was in a unique grocery conundrum this weekend. A quick trip to Costco netted me some beautiful looking portobello mushrooms, among other items. But I was out of things like herbs, fresh garlic, etc. So, what to do for dinner? I turned to my spice rack for the answer. And bonus, this recipe is ridiculously easy.

The photo doesn’t look so hot, but the mushrooms were flavourful and juicy. Serve them with some bread, rice, quinoa or other carbs, and (if you want to be really healthy) some salad greens or maybe some sautéed vegetables.

Baked portobello mushrooms

Baked portobello mushrooms

Baked portobello mushrooms
Serving size – 1 or 2 whole mushrooms per person

portobello mushrooms
olive oil
thyme (dried, ’cause I didn’t have any fresh)
garlic powder (’cause I ran out of fresh garlic)
freshly ground black pepper

Clean your mushrooms and trim the stems. I actually left the stems on and just cut off part of the bottom, but if you prefer you can remove the stems competely.

To make this recipe easy, and have less clean up, I lined the pan with tin foil and seasoned the mushrooms right on the pan. Also, preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

With the gill side up, lightly dust the mushrooms with the spices and liberally add olive oil into the hollow of the mushroom. Let the olive oil soak in for a bit (say 30 seconds or so), then flip the mushrooms over and repeat. Make sure the mushrooms get a good coat of olive oil.

Pop the mushrooms into the oven and bake for 20 minutes.

Portobello mushrooms are a lot like steaks – they’re thick and have a meaty texture, and like an unrested steak, juice will come out when you slice it. Serve them sliced or whole. Sliced will give you better colour on the plate as when whole it looks like one dark blob (see my photo for proof), but serving them whole will be more impressive in a “wow that’s a giant mushroom” kind of way.

16 thoughts on “Baked portobello mushrooms

  1. These look delicious! There is nothing like a big baked portabella mushroom. I marinate mine in some type of oil-based salad dressing, usually balsamic, but sun-dried tomato and oregano is good too, then I baked them (in the winter) or grill them on the BBQ in the summer. My family loooves them.
    – Brittany

  2. Spright says:

    Just had a “Smashed Turd” Portobello Mushroom Burger using your recipe. It was delicious!
    I put some Swiss cheese on it, and had a spinach and baby greens salad on the side. It went wonderfully with some cream cheese/pimento/cheddar stuffed jalapenos, wrapped in bacon. NOM NOM NOM!!

  3. Sally says:

    Personally, I love the way you ‘throw out’ your recipe. No measurements etc. I am willing to bet you are one fatastic cook. Thanks. I am using MY 6 huge Costco Portobello’s this evening.

  4. Monet says:

    Vegetarian for years and I love mushrooms as a hearty substitute for meat in dishes. I have baked portobelo heads before, but made what Ive coined “mushroom pizzas” by loading them with marinera, cheese, peppers and the like. Tonight I used your quick easy recipe to make a “garden burger” of sorts. Pesto on the pita bread, the seasoned mushroom topped with baby greens, sliced red pepper, and a sprinkle of parmegiano regiano. Paired with a good pinot grigio and our dinner was heaven! Thank you again for posting this genius and simple recipe. Will be making it again without a doubt.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cooked portobellos once and they didn’t turn out well but your ridiculously easy recipe was perfect! Thanks. Chopped and tossed with pasta…ka-jum!

  6. Anonymous says:

    thanks everyone for the tips, how do you clean a portabella mushroom? i just rinsed mine then pulled out the stem. then i filled it with scallions with drips of smoke flavoring, then i found this blog. i have had them in the oven for 15 minutes, i wonder if i should pull them out, and add the oil. i had planned to leave them in there for an hour because they looked so thick and was going to add tomatoe, bacon bits and sharp cheese in the last 15 minutes of cook time. i hope they come out right. but i’m about to take them out and pour a little oil drop in the middle of each one. thanks everyone, Merry Xmas!

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