Food news from around the world

The secrets of successful food blogging, from SXSW via Twitter.

Meat Madness – vote and watch your favourite proteins face off, bracket-style.

Cyrus causes salmonella – sorry, couldn’t resist. Disney’s Hannah Montana Peanut Chocolate Granola Bars are being recalled though.

Toronto launches (possibly unnecessary) project to expand street food offerings.

Researchers question the benefit of eating so much fish.

McDonald’s Canada cancels the Shamrock Shake, and launches the Mac Snack Wrap (a.k.a. a Big Mac without the bun).

Shiitake mushrooms and green tea may fight breast cancer according to study of Chinese women.

If you haven’t read it by now, read Incanto’s letter Shock & Foie: The War Against Dietary Self-Determinism (the restaurant where Chris Cosentino is chef).

Beautifully written food and family memory from Gourmet’s Francis Lam. This is more like the Hong Kong I remember, rather than the Hong Kong I saw last spring.

2 thoughts on “Food news from around the world

  1. No fair! Why doesn’t McDonalds try out some of their unique creations in the U.S.? I would so love the Shamrock shake. Not so much on board with the bunless Big Mac. I would like it if they offered crispy fish tacos. Now that is something that would get me going through the McDonalds Drive Thru.

    • You’ve never had a Shamrock Shake? They used to be around every year close to St. Patrick’s Day and then started disappearing…. Basically, it was minty. Nothing too special.

      I think every country’s McD’s has something different. When travelling it’s interesting to pop in and see what is the same and what has changed. In Hong Kong last year they had green tea ice cream! (Which I didn’t try because I was too busy eating mango desserts at a local place down the street.)

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