Vegas here I come

If you’ve been reading my Tweets, you’ll know that yesterday I booked tickets for a June trip to Las Vegas. Flight sales are one benefit of the crappy economy!

Last night I started trolling Chowhound for Vegas eating tips. The one and only time I’ve been to Vegas I was on a relatively strict budget and stuck to buffets (mmm the Bellagio was my fav at the time). I’ll probably do that still, but I want to squeeze in a few other foods too.

I’m thinking maybe one big blowout meal at a fancy-schmancy place. That’s what I did when I went to London, and I had a fantastic time. Nobu, Bouchon, Joel Robuchon, Daniel Boulud, CraftSteak, Bar Charlie, Guy Savoy, Michael Mina… there are so many possibilities. I suspect I am leaning towards Bouchon or Joel Robuchon – partly because I’ve been dying for years to find out what Thomas Keller’s food tastes like and I have no idea when or if I’ll ever end up at the French Laundry, and partly because I’ve heard so many good things about Joel Robuchon’s food and ended up not going to the location in Hong Kong like I had originally planned.

A visit to an In-N-Out and at least one Mexican place is on the list too. As for buffets, I’ll probably go back to the lunch one at the Bellagio. Maybe will try the one at the Paris, and I’ve heard the Wynn’s is excellent. And I know the Spice Market (old Aladdin, now Planet Hollywood) one gets lots of great reviews, but I ate there during my first visit and while it was good it certainly didn’t wow me.

Am open to any suggestions. Getting excited and it’s three months away! I better do extra gym visits in that time to make up for all the calories I’m going to be consuming….

5 thoughts on “Vegas here I come

  1. How many days? Will you rent a car?

    Bouchon is less of an affair than Robouchon, but I prefer it that way. It’s almost a must.

    Paris Buffet has the best euro influenced dishes, including Crepes. Have not tried the Wynn buffet.

    Mon Ami Gabi for a nice street side lunch, same for Cafe Baba Re Ba at the Fashion show mall.

    If mobile, let me know. There are some gems off strip.

    • I’m tempted to do both Bouchon and Robouchon, but I don’t think my wallet could afford quite that much splurging as I plan on going outlet mall shopping as well.

      One week. Will probably rent a car for a few days but probably not for the whole week. Won’t know for sure until we figure out what all the plans are.

      What are the off strip recs?

  2. Well. Good.

    If you have a car, let me start with the shopping part. Primm is about 45 min from the south end of the strip towards California. My wife’s favorite.
    Think Williams Sonoma in an outlet mall.
    Just convince yourself that with the savings at the Outlet Mall you can easily afford both Robouchon and Keller’s joint.

    Foodwise, top on my list is Lucille’s BBQ, at Green Valley Ranch. That is if you like beef ribs.
    The area is a one block pedestrian zone with a number of restos, including a Whole Foods, since you are there, might as well check it out.

    Plenty more, depending on your taste. My favorite Mexican was a place on Main Street, in theshadow of the Stratosphere, but I have to check on the name.

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