Tupperware citrus peeler

The Tupperware citrus peeler is a silly looking gadget that is one of the key tools in my kitchen. Years ago I heard people rave about them but never knew where to find them. I didn’t know anyone who sold Tupperware and these things weren’t sold in the stores. They were often given away at Tupperware parties but weren’t something that a person could necessarily purchase. One year, while at the trade show of Klondike Days (Edmonton’s old name for Capital Ex, the annual summer fair), there was a Tupperware stall. I asked the lady about the peeler and to my excitement she agreed to sell me some. I ended up buying five of them; three went to family members and I hoarded two for myself.

The little hook part is dragged along the skin to cut it open. The opposite flat end is amazingly efficient at poking into crevices and shaving off pith.

Nowadays, you can buy these things off of eBay and other online places so there is no need for searching anymore. But my little blue peelers are still going strong so I think it will be a while before I need new ones.

Tupperware citrus peeler

Tupperware citrus peeler

8 thoughts on “Tupperware citrus peeler

  1. Oh the memories. I think I’ve inherited my mothers from the 80’s which is a good thing because until you mentioned their availability from Tupperware, I never knew where I would get another.

    • Gillian Rawlings says:

      I had a Tupperware orange peeler for about 40 years and it was invaluable. I think it was a free gift from Tupperware for winning a game.Recently it must have got thrown out with the orange peel (it was yellow) and I’ve looked everywhere to buy one. I live in Australia but could give you my daughters UK address. Please advise how much this would cost. Thank you.

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