100 Mile Challenge – review of episode 1

Watching the Food Network’s new show, the 100 Mile Challenge makes me realize how hard it would be for me to do the same. No pepper, no salt? And where are they supposed to get canola or olive oil? At least for sugar you could substitute honey.

And then there’s ethnic food. Where would I get rice? Is there even anyone around here who grows brown rice? Or soy sauce! I’m pretty sure the local tofu manufacturer has to get their bean sprouts from somewhere else.

It will be interesting to see what happens to all the families over the course of the experiment. I think that family with the chickens have a huge advantage though.

2 thoughts on “100 Mile Challenge – review of episode 1

    • Exactly. I wonder if this show would have been as easy if it was filmed in the land-locked prairies where you cannot find sea salt or have nice B.C. weather for growing all those vegetables.

      I imagine it would consist of hard tack and root vegetables every episode.

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