Lap cheurng fan

Lap cheurng is a dried and salted Chinese sausage. The most common version is made with pork, but there is also a version made with pork and duck liver. Some simple ways to use it include diced and added to fried rice, as well as added to sticky rice. It’s also very fatty, so if you’re watching your cholesterol you probably want to avoid it.

Lap cheurng package

Lap cheurng package

Lap cheurng fan, or in English Chinese sausage rice, is a fast and easy recipe to make, especially if you have a rice cooker.

Lap cheurng fan

Lap cheurng fan

Lap cheurng fan

2-3 links of lap cheurng
rice (Jasmine rice is the best white in my opinion)
light soy sauce to taste

I’ve noticed that the first mistake people make sometimes with rice is that they don’t wash it before cooking. You need to rinse your rice at least a couple of times – up until the water is no longer cloudy. It helps to stick your hand in there and agitate the rice with your fingers to release some of the extra starch. Trust me and do not skip this step. It will give your rice a much better texture.

Stick your rice in your rice cooker and add water as usual.

Take each lap cheurng link and cut them into two to three pieces. Dump them into the rice cooker, sitting on top of the rice.

Turn your rice cooker on. When the rice cooker turns off, you’ll be left with cooked and hydrated lap cheurng, and rice flavoured with the meat’s juices. Add some light soy sauce to the rice if you want additional flavour.

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