COBS Bread, various locations

I know, I need to try making my own bread like Eating is the Hard Part does.

Until I get around to it, I’m stuck with buying my own. I recently was in St. Albert, near a COBS Bread location, and decided to stop in and try some of their baking. I walked out with more than I had planned, but they were all delicious.

The first thing I picked out was the country grain farmer’s bread. It had a crusty outside, and a soft, fluffy inside. The grains gave the bread a nice crunch and heartiness.

country grain farmers bread

country grain farmer's bread

The second thing I chose was a flaxseed bread. This had some crunch from the flaxseeds all over the outside of the loaf. Inside, the bread was dense, chewy and flavourful. It was almost like eating a sourdough loaf but without the sourness.

flaxseed bread

flaxseed bread

And lastly, I gave in and bought some chocolate chip hot cross buns. Chocolate + soft bread = heaven.  In my defence I admit that I did, however, only eat one. The other five went to family members.

chocolate chip hot cross buns

chocolate chip hot cross buns

COBS Bread
various locations in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario

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