Urban Diner, Edmonton

A friend and I popped over to the Urban Diner for brunch on the weekend. The brunch menu isn’t large, but I’ve always found the food to be delicious.

I normally do not eat eggs benedict. Generally, I find hollandaise sauces to be too creamy and too rich. The first time I had brunch here, I had a craving for eggs benedict for some odd reason and fell in love with the Urban Diner’s version.

eggs benedict on French bread and diner potatoes

eggs benedict on French bread and diner potatoes

They give you just enough hollandaise to cover the eggs, but not so much that it drowns everything. The sauce itself is slightly tangy, which allows the taste to cut through some of the creaminess. The ham is sliced thinly enough that you can cut it with a butter knife, but thick enough so that there is plenty to chew. The eggs can be ordered soft, medium or hard; I prefer a soft or medium so that the yolk can soak into the bread. And instead of an English muffin, the eggs are served on a slice of French bread. This dish also comes with a very tasty side of diner potatoes fried with leeks.

My dining companion ordered two eggs with sourdough toast, jam (that I suspect is home-made but did not get a confirmation of this), sausages and diner potatoes.

eggs, sausauge and toasted sourdough bread

eggs, sausauge and toasted sourdough bread

The sausages were bigger than my friend thought it would be. Flavoured with herbs and surprisingly not greasy at all, I though they were great. My friend liked them too, but was actually kind of disappointed because of a craving for those tiny, greasy sausages that you normally find at other breakfast places. I just laughed. I mean, who gets disappointed because the food is larger, healthier and tastier than you were expecting?

To drink I ordered their version of iced tea made from herbal tea.

herbal iced tea

herbal iced tea

I’ve had dinner here before as well, and can verify that their fries and meatloaf are good choices.

I noticed they had signs up indicating they were taking reservations for Mother’s Day, so if you’re looking for a casual place for brunch this would be a great option.

Urban Diner
12427-102 Avenue
Edmonton, AB

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