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  1. I almost always ask for a grilled fish sandwich even when it is not on the menu. If the restaurant serves fish and they have sandwiches (bread), why is it so hard to make a fish sandwich? In fact, why don’t they offer one in the first place? Note: I rarely ask for one if the restaurant is slammed. I just ask for a toasted bun or bread slices on the side. Problem solved. I felt the need to justify myself after reading the chefs hate it when customers order off of the menu.

    • Do you ask them that if they don’t serve fish? 😉

      To be honest I don’t blame them for that part. Small adjustments to an already existing dish make sense to me but if you don’t want to eat the food that they’ve planned to serve, why are you eating in that restaurant? Wouldn’t it make more sense to go to one down the road that serves the food you actually want?

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