North end Edmonton construction

There’s quite a bit of food-related construction happening in the north end of town. The biggest news is probably the T & T Supermarket that is being built in North Town Centre (97 St and 137 Ave). They recently put up a banner looking for employees, but when I took the photo they had taken it down for some reason. Gossip is rampant among the different Asian communities in this end of town; I first heard about this expansion probably about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago. Last summer a friend told me confidentially that there was going to be an expansion and I had to admit that I knew about it already. And apparently there’s going to be bubble tea too!

T & T construction

T & T construction

That whole shopping mall is going through a well deserved renovation, which meant the demolition of the inside of the mall itself and the conversion of the place into a strip mall power centre. The additions include a Starbucks, a Mucho Burrito, and as of yet unopened locations of an Indigo Books and a Bed, Bath and Beyond (which I think, based on their website, is the first Canadian location outside of Ontario).

Oxford strip mall

Oxford strip mall

In Castledowns, the new Save-On-Foods grocery store in Oxford (corner of 127 St and 153 Ave) has been relatively busy. I can foresee that strip mall getting even busier as they finish construction there. The new Subway and Starbucks has been open for a little while now. I didn’t even know that the Original Joe’s restaurant was already open until I took the photo on May 5th. There will also be branches of Taco Del Mar, and more excitedly (at least for me) are the Marble Slab Creamery signs that I saw in one of the stores.

Oxford construction

Oxford construction

Bubble tea, ice cream and nachos, oh my! I can feel the calories adding up already.

11 thoughts on “North end Edmonton construction


      It’s a U.S. chain from the western side of the country. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet but talk on Chowhound says that most, if not all, of the locations in this part of Canada took fish tacos off the menu. Interesting, considering that’s part of their name!

  1. 153 Ave…I can’t fathom that 🙂 So far away….should I pack lunch! Bed, Bath and Beyond is always one of my first stops in the states..even if we can get most things here.

  2. I’m loving all your posts but especially this one, documenting the changes in Edmonton. As you know (via twitter!) I’m moving to Edmonton and your blog is giving me some great pointers…I know where I’ll be eating for the near future!

    And I’m def. trying your noodle recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  3. In a word: ottimo! We tried your recipe tonight. One of our last meals before leaving london for edmonton (well, 10 days to go!). It was great. Def. a new tradition for us.

    I’ll be reading along for more recipes and tips!

  4. heh heh! good one! but you’re right…that cheese rocks! something I’ll miss along with my fave PG Tips tea…but am looking forward to exploring foodie heaven that edmonton (via brulee blog of course!) can offer.

    btw: i’m happy to bring in something less exotic….english tea? crackers? lemme know.

    • Unfortunately all the stuff I want is perishable, but thank you for the offer. lol

      You can actually get Neal’s Yard Dairy Lancashire cheese from Paddy’s Cheese Shop here in town, but it’s really, really expensive.

      I think you can find PG Tips here somewhere too although I’m not 100% sure where. You can buy things like Walkers shortbread and Ribena in syrup form in most regular grocery stores. No crisps like you’re used to though.

  5. Wow! There is hope in Edmonton then! 😉 For homework…you can tell me where to get PG Tips… that’ll have to be one of the first things to do after landing!

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