Mucho Burrito, Edmonton

Mucho Burrito is a somewhat new and expanding franchise chain in Alberta. In the past year it seems like there have been Mucho Burrito locations popping up all over Edmonton. The food is relatively basic – burritos are the main feature – and you get to layer on whatever you’d like, kind of like ordering a sub at Subway.

My regular choice is generally a carnitas burrito (pork) on a whole wheat tortilla. A small will fill you up. A medium will do if you’re starving. The large size will practically feed 4 people. I ordered a combo which means a drink and a choice of either tortilla chips and salsa, a cookie, or some cinnamon thing that I’ve never bothered to try. The tortilla chips are crispy and not greasy; always a winner in my books. Warning – the hot salsa is “burn your mouth” type of heat. You may want to start off with mild or medium if this is your first visit.

carnitas combo

carnitas combo

For fillings, you get rice, your meat (unless you ordered the vegetarian burrito), guacamole (extra charge), salsa, and your choice of veggies, black beans or brown beans. Then the whole thing is rolled and briefly grilled on a press. Pardon the bite marks and dry hands in the photo.

carnitas cross-section

carnitas cross-section

Oh, and if you really want to torture yourself, there are handy bottles of Tabasco sauce over by the straws and napkins for your use.

Mucho Burrito
Various locations in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan; new franchise purchased for Vancouver, B.C.

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