Fat Franks, Edmonton

You know summer is finally here when the Fat Franks hot dog carts start to appear on the street and the vendor is wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

These people make THE best hot dogs in the city. You can’t go wrong when ordering from Fat Franks, whether you like honey ham smokies, jalepeno and cheddar smokies, bratwursts, or any of the other choices. They even have veggie dogs for those on a meatless diet.

While I do change it up every once in a while, my regular order is a jumbo dog on a lightly grilled whole wheat bun, topped with lots of ketchup, a tiny bit of yellow mustard, lots of their fantastic relish, and a scattering of  fresh onion. I love that each stand usually comes with a selection of every condiment under the sun – from Asian hot sauce to dijon mustard, and sauerkraut to hot peppers.

What do you like on your hot dogs?

Fat Franks jumbo hot dog

Fat Franks jumbo hot dog

Fat Franks
Permanent and seasonal locations listed on their website.

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