New York Pretzel and Auntie Anne’s, Las Vegas

Happy 4th of July to you Americans out there. I figure it’s appropriate that I start my Las Vegas trip posts today. But I bet you didn’t think my first post about Vegas was going to be about pretzels, did you?

We landed in Vegas and by the time we had our rental car and checked into the MGM Grand hotel it was past 9 p.m. Now, Vegas is a 24-hour kind of town, but we were exhausted and only wanted a snack. So instead of having a full meal we decided to take advantage of some coupons I had found online and pick up a couple of pretzels.

New York Pretzels is scattered in a few of the different Strip hotels, and seems to be connected to Nathan’s Famous. These initial pretzels were from the location inside the New York New York hotel. The staff were efficient and friendly. I decided to go for one salted pretzel and – to change things up a bit – one jalapeño and parmesan pretzel. The salted pretzel was gorgeous: fresh out of the oven, buttery and soft, and with the perfect ratio of salt. It had a golden crust and super soft bread inside. It reminded me of pretzels that I ate years ago during a visit to New York.

The jalapeño one had been sitting under the warming lights for a little while and wasn’t hot anymore. The pretzel itself was a little dry, but the flavour was quite good and they had enough jalapeños to satisfy but not too many that you’d burn your mouth off. I would have loved to have tasted this one freshly baked.

salted and jalapeño parmesan pretzels from New York Preztels in New York New York

salted and jalapeño parmesan pretzels from New York Preztels in New York New York

This second photo is from a few days later when, after a long day and eating a buffet brunch earlier in the day, we just wanted another snack. This time I visited the New York Pretzel stand inside the MGM Grand and ordered the exact same pretzels. I wish I had gone across the street instead. The staff here didn’t really smile at all, and they seemed to dislike their jobs. Both pretzels were warmed up for me, but they were both baked a little too long. While they weren’t burnt, they were relatively hard and the same flavours just weren’t there. I think the NY NY stand has more turnover of product, so the pretzels are fresher.


salted and jalapeño parmesan pretzels from New York Preztels in MGM Grand

And lastly, I had pretzels over at Auntie Anne’s, located inside Fashion Show Mall. A friend visited Vegas a couple of months ago and came back raving about these pretzels, so I had to try them for myself. I used a coupon here too, this time out of a booklet that was given out by Fashion Show Mall and the Grand Canal Shoppes over at the Venetian.

This time, I ordered one salted pretzel and one garlic pretzel, as well as a cherry lemonade to wash everything down. Both pretzels were thinner than the other company’s ones, so you mostly tasted the baked crust rather than the softer bread inside. The salted one didn’t have enough salt on it. I had thought the garlic one would be a bit like eating garlic bread but no, all they did was dust it with garlic powder. I was pretty disappointed. The lemonade was decent but for some the cherry flavouring may give too much of a Kool-Aid taste to the drink. If you look at the top part of the photo, you can see part of the Kenneth Cole fashion show that we watched while eating our pretzels (Fashion Show Mall has runway shows during part of the week).

salted and garlic pretzels, and cherry lemonade from Auntie Annes

salted and garlic pretzels, and cherry lemonade from Auntie Anne's

Did I mean to eat so many pretzels in one trip? No, not really. They were just a convenient snack, and less greasy than eating at McDonald’s.

New York Pretzel
various locations on the Strip

Auntie Anne’s
various locations in the USA

4 thoughts on “New York Pretzel and Auntie Anne’s, Las Vegas

    • I’m guessing easier than bagels, but harder than a regular loaf of bread? Auntie Anne’s had a kit for sale but it was for about $13 and I didn’t think it was worth it.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved the jalapeno pretzel at Nathans at the NY NY hotel. My mouth waters just thinking about them. Does anyone know where I can buy anything close to their pretzel .. a good pretzel in Arizona?

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