Williams-Sonoma Marketplace, Tea Zone and Café Koraku, Primm

About a 40 minute drive south on the I-15 from the strip, over on Exit 1, is the Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas. This place is a shopping mecca of discounted clothes, purses and shoes. It’s large, air-conditioned and relatively crowd-free (unlike another good, but very crowded and outdoor Las Vegas outlet mall that I went to).

And bonus, it has a Williams-Sonoma outlet. Just look at this pretty, pretty photo!

Williams-Sonoma Marketplace - Le Creuset sale

Williams-Sonoma Marketplace - Le Creuset sale

Too bad I made a promise not to try to fit one of those in my luggage. They had quite a few deals in there, and in particular I was looking for a set of round cookie cutters with scalloped edges that I had seen in their Calgary store, but unfortunately they were sold out already.

And then I saw this.

Williams-Sonoma Marketplace - vanilla

Williams-Sonoma Marketplace - vanilla

At half price, each box contained 3 different 2 fl oz bottles of vanilla extract, and the following description:

Like fine wine, premium vanilla springs from a combination of soil, climate and expert processing – an art practiced by Nielsen-Massey since 1907. Our special set combines three of the world’s finest single-origin vanillas: intense Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, a favorite for ice cream and chocolate; floral Tahitian vanilla, which brings out the best in fruit-based desserts; and earthy, sensual Mexican vanilla, the original vanilla sent home to Spain by the explorer Cortez and a perfect complement to cinnamon and spicy, savory dishes like chili.

Even better – the bottles were small enough to fall under the liquid amounts that you could carry on the plane, so they travelled in my purse with my lip balm. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them just yet, so please let me know if you have ideas.On a shopping break we stopped in the food court and I spotted the Tea Zone, which sells bubble tea (or boba, as they called it). Apparently they’re part of a chain called Lollicup.

Tea Zone

Tea Zone

I ordered the honey green tea ($3.50) without the tapioca balls because holy cow they charged an extra 50 cents for them. It was a rather refreshing drink – light without being too sweet, and was likely a sweetened jasmine tea.

honey green tea

Tea Zone - honey green tea

And lastly, for a quick bite to eat and a short rest before heading back to Las Vegas, I sat down at a Japanese restaurant called Café Koraku for a bowl of chashu ramen ( five pieces of chashu pork, egg, spinach, bamboo shoots, green onions and nori seaweed). Nothing outstanding but it was a decent option to eating fried food. The pork was cut thickly and was tender, but it mostly tasted like the soup.

Café Koraku - ramen

Café Koraku - ramen

Williams-Sonoma Marketplace
Tea Zone
Café Koraku

Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas
32100 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Primm

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    • I only have one at the moment and I stick it on a bottom shelf because I’m afraid the weight will make my shelving collapse…. Washing it feels like lifting weights for sure!

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