Unidentified flying fruit

When you’re trying to be good and eat all your fruits and vegetables, you can get bored with eating the same things over and over. Recently, I’ve been trying new fruit.

My absolute favourite new fruit is the donut peach. Also called a saucer peach (as in flying saucers), they look like peaches that have been smushed. Inside, the flesh is white with a tinge of pink. The taste is sweeter and more delicate than a regular peach, and I’m finding that I like them so much better than regular peaches. The flesh is also really delicate, so you have to be careful when handling them or picking them out in the grocery store. They’re more expensive than regular peaches as well, so make sure you budget for them!

donut peach

donut peach

Another fruit that I’ve tried recently is the red pear. The bright skin caught my eye in the grocery store, and I couldn’t resist picking up a couple. The taste was… well it was like a pear, except that the texture was slightly less gritty. Given that these were more expensive than other pears, I probably wouldn’t pick them up again. They sure are bright and pretty though.

red pear

red pear

2 thoughts on “Unidentified flying fruit

  1. Zoe says:

    Love donut peaches. I find the pit comes out much easier than regular peaches too so you don’t have to eat around it. I agree that they’re worth the additional expense.

  2. I’ve seen those peaches, but never tried them. I’ll have to see if they’re in the market now and give them a shot. My favorite pear, though, is comice. You must try it if you haven’t. Fantastic!

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