Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Does your food taste better when you eat it with a great view?

During our trip we took a bus and walking tour of the Grand Canyon with Yes, it’s better to drive there yourself and stay overnight, but with limited time and a desire not to spend 10+ hours driving all day, I was pleased to find this tour. Each group is small and you travel in a large van instead of a big tour bus. You get a personal experience and a guide, with stops at the Hoover Dam overlook, Route 66 (Seligman, Arizona – the town that inspired the one in the movie Cars), and a 3 hour walking tour in the Grand Canyon. And food is included – breakfast is at McDonald’s, where I tried out a McCafé sweet tea, and lunch is fruit, cheese, crackers, cookies and an Arby’s Market Fresh sandwich.

So tell me, does life get any better when you eat this:

Arbys Market Fresh sandwich

Arby's Market Fresh sandwich

while sitting on rocks and looking at this:

The Grand Canyon, south rim

The Grand Canyon, south rim

Thanks for a fabulous day Darryl!

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