What to do on a hot day? Bueno Gelato, Edmonton

Why, go get some ice cream, of course. Or more specifically, some delicious gelato. Smooth and creamy but containing less fat than other ice cream, gelato makes a lovely treat.

Bueno Gelato

Bueno Gelato

Earlier this summer, I popped into Bueno Gelato for a scoop to enjoy in the sunshine. According to this Chowhound comment, they are the suppliers to many restaurants around town including Famoso.

Unfortunately I forget which flavour I ordered (cherry? raspberry? strawberry? blackberry?), but I remember that it was dense and creamy like any good quality ice cream. They have quite a few flavours available and also have take out containers if you want some to take home for later for say, a dinner party. Or your own consumption by yourself in your pj’s in front of the TV.

one small scoop of gelato

one small scoop of gelato

My only criticism would be the price. Has anyone actually found a cheap but still delicious scoop of gelato anywhere in Edmonton? Please share!

Bueno Gelato
12325 102 Avenue
Edmonton, AB

Bueno Gelato on Urbanspoon

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