Fun Friday

Oh sure, I could have gone the easy way and done a Halloween-themed Fun Friday. But I decided to give you all a break from the black and orange posts I’m sure you’re seeing everywhere and post about one of my favourite foods for the second week in a row – cheese.

During my first visit to the United States as an adult, I was in a New York YMCA cafeteria ordering breakfast. An omelette, to be precise. And they asked me what kind of cheese I wanted.

“Oh,” I said, “how about cheddar?”

“We ain’t got cheddar. American or swiss.”

Having not heard the term American before I shrugged and figured why the hell not. “American.”

Yeah it ends up that American cheese is what we call processed cheese up here in Canada. But that was okay, because I like that kind of cheese too, even if some people argue that it isn’t really cheese.

And I’m not alone. See, even people who work at Gourmet Magazine like the stuff: An Ode to American Cheese. (Quick, read it before their site disappears!)

(And because I know you’re dying to know — I was raised on Kraft Singles, but a few years ago switched to Black Diamond processed slices as they taste a little better to me and the Kraft ones have changed their texture from when I was a kid.)

Okay, maybe there was a little Halloween theme going on here. Orange cheese… orange pumpkins… close enough. Happy Halloween!

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