Mixed results

I’m back! Okay I never really went away, but I was kind of ignoring you all for a bit. So I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats, waiting to hear what happened over the past month. Actually, quite a few things happened.

First, my 3-month boot camp ended. Which means I can eat again. Although I likely won’t be indulging like I used to, because I still have a long ways to go. I can tell you that I successfully lost over 7% of my total weight. And I ran/walked/staggered through a 5K. And then later a 10K. Not too shabby!

Second, NaNoWriMo. One crazy month to write 50,000 words of a novel. I’ve actually been attempting this for years, but have never been successful. I did write a decent 15,553 words though, so it wasn’t a total loss. It probably didn’t help that most of my free time was spent either working overtime, recovering from the flu (yes it was likely H1N1) or exercising.

And Third. Well, I’m going to have to abandon all of you again, this time for a period during March. You kind of had a hint with the post I put up a couple of weeks ago. I’m going on another holiday –  this time to places where I will be stuffing myself silly with tangines and paella. There’s going to be a very brief stop in London (England, not Ontario) too, so I’m hoping to include a specific restaurant to that list as well.

So that’s all of my news. I have about a month’s worth of other people’s blogs to read, so please bear with me while I catch up. What’s new with you?

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