Garlic in oil

Have you ever had garlic-infused oil? It has so much more flavour than the regular stuff. It’s easy to make too.

Some recipes call for heating the oil and garlic together and straining it afterward. I’m inherently lazy though, so instead I mince a bunch of garlic, stick it into a clean jar, and add olive oil or canola oil until the garlic is just covered with oil, and seal the jar. Then, I pop it into the refrigerator and pull it out when needed for cooking anything from a stir fry to the beginnings of a soup. Over time, the oil will absorb the garlic flavour – not as much as if I had heated the oil first, but it’s enough for me. Olive oil may harden in the refrigerator, but it will liquify easily once scooped out and warmed out.

There is one important disclaimer however. Making your own garlic-infused oil has a risk of botulism. If the jar isn’t completely clean, or if you leave the oil and garlic out at room temperature, bacteria will grow and you WILL get sick. Health Canada recommends that you use up the oil and garlic within a week, the FDA says 10-14 days. Make sure the jar is kept refrigerated.

2 thoughts on “Garlic in oil

    • Ha ha – sure you’ll die but you’ll be skinny.

      I think it’s the mix of garlic AND oil that does it. Commercial minced garlic in oil has some preservatives added to it to make it safe for longer storage.

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