Mascarpone Stuffed Dates

This is an easy and tasty recipe for entertaining and potlucks. The sweetness of the dish makes it a great finger food dessert, or a sweet appetizer. Key to this recipe is the use of Medjool dates, which are plump and meaty. I experimented with mixing the cinnamon into the mascarpone, but the cinnamon flavour wouldn’t come through unless I placed it on top of each date.

Mascarpone stuffed dates

Mascarpone stuffed dates

Mascarpone Stuffed Dates

Medjool dates
mascarpone cheese
pecans or walnuts

With a sharp knife, make a small slit lengthwise across the top of each Medjool date. Do not cut all the way through the date! Carefully pull out the seed.

Take a small spoon (or use a filled piping bag) and place a small dollop of mascarpone inside the opening of each date.

Push a nut into the mascarpone. I used pecans but you can easily use walnuts. Dust a sprinkle of cinnamon over each filled date.

2 thoughts on “Mascarpone Stuffed Dates

  1. To-die-for, or what? These look outrageously delicious!!!! YUMMERS. I usually make something that I call “Man Candy”… these dates stuffed with Imperial Cheddar and wrapped with bacon… hot… but this recipe, I am trying this weekend. I have the dates. I have the cheese. I have the craving!

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