Welch’s Chocolate Shop, Banff

This place is a kid’s dream and a dentist’s nightmare.  Welch’s Chocolate Shop lures you in with the jars and jars of hard candy on display in their shop window, and keeps you there with the many different kinds of candy available on their shelves.

Welch's Chocolate Shop

Welch's Chocolate Shop

European and American imported candy sits next to maple syrup candy and fake teeth made of marzipan. The kids I was with went crazy and even I couldn’t leave without buying a small bag of pear drops for myself.

One section of Welch's Chocolate Shop

One section of Welch's Chocolate Shop

Welch’s Chocolate Shop
126 Banff Avenue, Banff
(Second location in Waterton for part of the year.)

3 thoughts on “Welch’s Chocolate Shop, Banff

  1. I love that shop and am always snooping for new little fittings for a cookie or a cake…
    H. Peter…. why did you ever move? Your home town is a dream to me. I have been to Switzerland, and I cannot get enough of that part of the world. Understood.

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