The Garage Burger Bar & Grill, Edmonton

For years I’ve heard that the Garage Burger Bar & Grill has some of the best burgers in town, but it was always one of those places that I meant to go to but hadn’t gotten around to a visit. The restaurant is called Garage for a reason – it’s located in a converted garage and is very simply decorated. Some may even say it looks a like a well used greasy spoon.

The sweet potato fries were tempting. And so were the many burgers listed in the menu. But then a chalkboard special caught my eye and instead I ordered the bison burger and french fry special.

bison burger and french fries

bison burger and french fries

The fries were cooked perfectly – crispy on the outside and thick. The burger had a generous amount of great tasting condiments and veggies. The cheese was nicely melted. I didn’t love it though. The bison patty was well done, dry and rather thin. The condiments and veggies overwhelmed the taste of the cheese. I admit I was a little disappointed. Bison is leaner than beef, and needs to be cooked more rare and/or add fat to the cooking process. That being said, I would be willing to go back, if only to try one of the beef burgers instead. Service was quick and attentive.

The Garage Burger Bar & Grill

The Garage Burger Bar & Grill

Garage Burger Bar & Grill
10242-106 Street, Edmonton

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4 thoughts on “The Garage Burger Bar & Grill, Edmonton

  1. A thin bison patty must be pretty abysmal. I’ve only had this meat when it came in a nice thick patty, sometimes full of that unique flavour but always disappointingly dried out. The lack of fat and overcooking is a deadly combination.

    Judging from the address, sounds like this is near to some other Edmonton favorites such as Khazana and Sofra?

  2. Bison needs to served Medium…anything else just toughens the meat. It is a great meat for anyone trying to watch what their calories though…
    Maybe they were pre-made pattys from a supplier instead of nice thick homemade ones.

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